Management Training and Leadership Development Services

Training & Development Consulting

The Performance Factory provides consulting services to organisations to set up and deploy training and development centers and helps develop customized training and development programs as per the needs of each business.

Bespoke Management Development Programmes

We help businesses in developing tailor-made training as well as development programmes. We are the preferred partner for providing management training and leadership development programmes for leading businesses.

We have a strong track record for developing management skills, as all our trainers and coaches are also active consultants. This allows us to pollinate management fundamentals with practical experience and methods to resolve implementation challenges.

Competency Based Training and Development

We help organisations assess the competency of their workforce and offer training and development programmes that adapt to the capability of the participant as well as the needs of the business.

Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Prevention

The Performance Factory has partnered with the International Compliance Association and offers both awareness training as well as certificated diploma courses in  a range of subjects relating to the financial services industry, including anti-money laundering as well as financial crime prevention.

Compliance and Risk Management

We provide training and certified programmes in compliance as well as risk management. Our programmes are backed by our partnership with the International Compliance Association and hence bear the industry standard and recognition sought by leading businesses.

Corporate Governance and Strategic Management

We provide a range of awareness as well as customised training programmes and workshops on Corporate Governance, Strategy, Risk Management and other matters concerning the Board of Directors and Senior Management. We provide advice and help with advanced understanding of the implications of local regulations and provide knowledge and solutions to comply and exceed requirements and expectations