Industries We Serve

Banking & Financial Services

 From banking to insurance and financial regulation, PerFact has financial services specialists to help develop and improve the business as well as enhance capabilities. 

Government & Public Sector

 We help government and public sector organisations develop improved frameworks for good governance and delivery of services, based on the evolving global economics and needs of the public. 

Production & Construction

 Companies are facing new challenges as a result of evolving and complex consumer behaviour and increased competition. PerFact helps businesses grow, streamline and sustain operational results. 

Aviation, Transport & Logistics

 PerFact helps leading airports, airlines, transport, logistics and other related businesses to grow, enhance revenues, optimise expenses, improve customer service and compete smartly in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

Telecom, IT & Shared Services

 Telecommunication Service providers, High-Tech, BPO, Call centre and Shared Service businesses are always in search of more streamlined processes, IT enhancement and developing centres of excellence to deliver value for clients at increasingly tighter cost bases. We help catalyse results delivery. 

Oil & Gas, Utilities and Mining

 PerFact helps Energy, Utilities and Mining companies optimise operations to ensure a healthy balance between maximising production, ensuring safety and continuous improvement of processes and capabilities. 

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

The need for delivering better value patient care, driving innovation and reducing costs is often impeded by changes in regulatory demands, market conditions and patient behaviours. PerFact helps companies navigate through these challenges. 

Retail & Wholesale

In a world of ever thinning margins and taking big bets on the next hottest trends, adding changing consumer trends, digital disruption and seeking new market opportunities is a challenging environment for the sharpest minds and boldest decision makers. PerFact helps businesses make tough and complex choices. 

Media & Entertainment

This industry witnesses the coming together of information, talent and technology, and not always in harmony. Infrastructure needs and digital disruption constantly redefine success and PerFact helps making the right choices at the right time. 

Research, Innovation and Education

Driving Innovation, funding research and developing the highly skilled talent and leaders of tomorrow are all constant challenges of big investments on big bets all the while attracting and retaining great talent. We can help you make the right decisions andimprove the management controls to optimise operations. 

Private Equity and Principal Investors

Helping investors make right decisions on businesses to invest in or acquire and unlocking their full potential is part of our Operational Transformation services which includes a comprehensive due-diligence, investment strategy, business turnaround and exit planning. 

Real Estate and Facilities Management

Real Estate Services is one of cyclical challenges and full Facilities Management with Hard and Soft FM services is one of thin margins in some functions. The need for offering comprehensive services and streamlining operations for improved margins is among our most sought after services.